Yooji Benefits

Yooji, a French baby food start-up, offers frozen organic products in portion-sized packages. These products are sold in more than 600 stores throughout France.

The company is dedicated to providing healthy and tasty organic food for babies. They also aim to achieve the highest standards of sustainability with their production and distribution processes. This includes waste reduction plans, sustainable packaging and 100% renewable energy sources.

1. Healthier

Yooji is a French start-up company that makes frozen organic baby food. The products are free from additives and salt and are sourced from farms in the EU.

These meals are made using gentle cooking and quick freezing to preserve the nutritional qualities of the ingredients. This manufacturing process is unique in child nutrition.

The food is also produced in a sustainable fashion, with waste reduction plans and 100% renewable energy sources. This has resulted in a smaller environmental footprint than most other types of baby food.

Yooji recently received funding from Pymwymic (Put Your Money Where Your Meaning Is Community), CVC Danone Manifesto Ventures, and food-tech investor CapAgro. These investments will support the company’s goal of revolutionizing baby food by offering frozen portion-sized organic products.

2. Easy to prepare

Aside from being tasty and healthy, yooji benefits are also a snap to prepare. All Yooji branded products are low-temperature steam cooked and quickly frozen to preserve organoleptic properties, vitamins and nutrients.

Using local and sustainable ingredients, Yooji is the brain child of a young Bordeaux start-up that prides itself on its attention to detail. Its top notch packaging is a must see, but it’s the environmentally friendly approach to production and logistics that truly sets Yooji apart from its peers.

With funding from a handful of swoon worthy companies (Pymwymic, CVC Danone Manifesto Ventures, CapAgro and Caravelle to name a few) the small company is ready to take on the baby food giants. The team has set their sights on making the most coveted jar of baby food in your fridge. They’re also big on sustainability and have a waste reduction plan in place.

For more details, check out their Facebook page for a look at the state of the art production facility in Bordeaux and an interactive tour of the kitchen.

3. Tasty

Yooji offers delicious meals in frozen portions for babies, using organic ingredients and sustainable peaches. Its recipes are prepared with no additives, no added salt and no gluten. The process of gentle cooking and fast freezing ensures the nutritional qualities are preserved.

They also use recyclable packaging and 100% renewable energy sources to create their tasty and healthy baby food. They strive to be as sustainable as possible in all aspects of their business.

A Bordeaux-based company, Yooji manufactures and sells easy to prepare organic baby food from locally sourced ingredients, offering pure and transparent products in the process. Their food is the healthiest you can buy. The company is supported by CVC Danone Manifesto Ventures, food-tech investor CapAgro and family investor Caravelle. This is a big deal in the baby food industry and is one of the most exciting things to happen to the sector in years. The company has a big ambition to be a game changer in the food space.

4. Environmentally friendly

Yooji produces and markets safe, tasty and simple organic foods for babies from 4 months of age (“no junk” / “clean label”) in small frozen portions. The company’s products are sourced from certified organic farms and are free of salt, additives and sugar.

The French dairy group Danone’s investment unit, Danone Manifesto Ventures, has teamed up with shareholders of the organic baby food start-up Yooji to fund a new 4 million euro ($4.70 million) capital raising effort. This is the fourth investment by DMV this year, which includes Michel et Augustin in France and Farmers Fridge and Accel Foods in the US.

Being environmentally friendly is becoming an increasingly important issue, not only for the environment but also for business and the economy as a whole. It is not only a good way to build your reputation and gain new customers but it can also help you attract and retain employees who have similar values.