How the Green Platform Benefits Businesses

Green technology is a growing trend that provides several benefits to businesses. It can reduce energy costs, provide a healthier work environment for employees and offer tax benefits. It is also useful for disaster recovery and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Green political parties generally favor decentralization and localism; a commitment to social justice, racial and economic equality and women’s empowerment; ecological wisdom; nonviolence; and a preference for community-based economics.

Blue Green Deployment

Using blue-green deployment, developers can update software designs in production without any downtime. They do this by hosting two identical environments on one server, with the old version, known as blue, and the new version, called green. After the green environment is updated and tested, traffic is shifted to it and the blue server becomes inactive.

This process is often automated through scripts and management tools, which can reduce the risk of human error. This strategy also helps companies avoid predictable downtime, which can be discouraging for users.

This deployment technique also offers disaster recovery benefits, since the blue environment acts as a hot backup for the live production system. If a change causes problems, the ops team can simply route users back to the blue version with a load balancer. This eliminates the need to show error messages to users or ask them to retry transactions, which would be a poor user experience.

Green Forum

The Green Forum brings together government officials, sustainability experts and green entrepreneurs from across the region. Attendees have the opportunity to showcase their innovations, build relationships with potential customers and partners, and participate in thought-provoking sessions on emerging issues. The event also features a career fair to connect businesses with seasoned professionals who can help them advance their careers. In addition, the Green Forum offers Lifetime Membership to all full-price attendees to create a long-lasting tradition and community of sustainability professionals.

The Green Forum provides a platform for discussion and collaboration in support of the Global Goals. Its discussions are closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Green Growth Knowledge Platform (GGKP). Its features include discussions on global topics, as well as Groups that host focused dialogues based on community demand. All users can access inspirational content and conversations through a personalized feed that compiles updates from Groups, Discussions and other content they follow.

Green Industry Platform

The Green Industry Platform is a global high-level multi-stakeholder partnership launched at Rio+20 to catalyze, mobilize, and mainstream action on green industrial development. The Platform provides a unique opportunity for countries to advance green opportunities, making their businesses and industries more competitive and sustainable while reducing waste, pollution, and dependency on natural resources.

Companies implementing architectural green innovation (quadrant IV) often turn to market or technological partnerships to in-source external ideas due to the fact that such innovations fall outside their current technological and market domains. This can enable them to improve their environmental performance more quickly and cost-effectively than on their own.

GGKP’s three knowledge platforms—Green Policy, Green Industry, and Green Finance—offer quick-and-easy access to the latest research, case studies, toolkits, learning products, principles, and protocols to empower policy makers and advisors, small and medium-sized enterprises, and banks, insurance, and investment firms to make evidence-based decisions on greening their business. Users can browse knowledge and learning by 193 countries, 6 regions, 49 sectors and themes, as well as by cross-cutting issues including natural capital, the circular economy, and gender equality.


Many technologies that can help address climate change already exist, but are not yet being deployed widely enough. By facilitating the global dissemination of green technology, WIPO GREEN can help bring these solutions to the people and communities that need them.

WIPO GREEN is a free, online tech-matching platform that connects those who have relevant technology with those who need it. It helps overcome barriers to effective collaboration, such as market barriers, misperceptions about how technology transfer works, or a lack of knowledge about the role that IP plays in the process.

In addition to promoting the exchange of ESTs through its database, WIPO GREEN also hosts regional matchmaking projects to directly connect providers and seekers of technology in person. As a result, it is well-suited to the diverse business models of technology transfer stakeholders, from universities and research institutes to SMEs and private companies. As such, it supports the attainment of SDG 13, on climate action, in particular.