How SHARENOW Benefits Italy

With a diversity of vehicles and affordable rates, sharenow has become an attractive alternative to car ownership. The company’s pricing structure includes fuel, insurance, and maintenance costs, ensuring transparency and eliminating hidden fees.

Users can download the app to find a vehicle near them and unlock with a tap. The app also allows them to track their usage and earn driving credit.

User-friendly interface

SHARE NOW’s customer service offers excellent support and is available to assist users with any problems. They answer questions within minutes and have a high satisfaction rate. This service is especially important for people who are new to car sharing.

Using the app, customers can register and validate their driver’s license, book cars and start and end their rental. They can also manage their account and view all upcoming trips. Moreover, they can easily share information with colleagues and teammates.

The SHARE NOW Rewards loyalty program gives users access to additional benefits, such as a bonus reservation time and exclusive hourly packages. Depending on the pass type, users can advance to Gold or Diamond status automatically. They can also use their points to purchase merchandise or other gifts.

Diverse vehicle fleet

In cities, one shared vehicle replaces eight to 20 private cars and frees up a significant amount of parking space. Moreover, fewer unused vehicles reduce CO2 emissions and traffic jams.

With SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance, companies can grant their staff with a fixed car-sharing credit per month and only pay for what they use. Employees have the option to choose from a wide range of models from several big-name manufacturers and simply reserve via an app.

The app also acts as the key to all SHARE NOW cars. The driving licence is easily validated using a selfie, and the user gains access with their personal “magic PIN”. The SHARE NOW Rewards loyalty programme automatically awards blue users with bonus reservation time and – depending on their usage – gives them Gold or Diamond status. Continental supplies the vehicles with long-lasting, safe and fuel-efficient premium tires – AllSeasonContact – and provides constant monitoring.

Flexible rental model

Car sharing is the ideal solution for mobility needs that go beyond just personal use. It combines the desire for convenient mobility with sustainability considerations, and contributes to solving traffic problems and providing a better quality of life in the cities.

Whether for three minutes, an hour or 30 days, a spontaneous trip around town or a seaside getaway, SHARE NOW offers a comprehensive range of vehicles for all occasions. The company, which was formed in 2023 from the merger of Daimler’s car2go and BMW’s Drive Now, operates across Europe with a fleet of more than 10,000 cars, including electric models.

Businesses also have the option of integrating car-sharing in their employee benefits package as part of the “SHARE NOW for Business” service. This makes it possible to replace company cars with flexible car-sharing services that reduce both operating costs and liability.


SHARE NOW, the European market leader in free-floating car-sharing, has reached an important milestone in Italy. The service has now exceeded one million members in the country, contributing to reducing traffic congestion in cities and offering sustainable urban mobility options for locals.

The service enables users to rent premium vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Smart brands for affordable rates with no fixed acceptance and return stations and parking fees. The app makes it easy to find, reserve and unlock cars in just seconds. Then, users can park anywhere in the city home area and drop them off without any extra costs.

Whether you want to offer a car-sharing mobility allowance to your employees or simply need to replace company cars, the service makes it possible. With the SHARE NOW Mobility Allowance, companies can award credit to employees on a single corporate account and only pay for what they use.


Whether it’s an all-electric car or one of the many fuel-powered vehicles in the Share Now fleet, millions of users benefit from environmentally friendly mobility. Studies have shown that car sharing reduces the number of privately owned cars by 20 % and significantly decreases CO2 emissions.

The SHARE NOW app displays available cars nearby, unlocks them and handles the entire rental process in an intuitive and straightforward way. The service is powered by powerful IBM public cloud technology that’s designed for reliability and security.

European market leader and pioneer of free-floating car-sharing in cities, SHARE NOW offers 10,000 vehicles in 17 European markets, including around 3,000 electric cars. In cities, each shared vehicle replaces up to 20 private vehicles in urban traffic and frees up parking space.