Blurams Benefits

Blurams is a smart camera company that helps you keep an eye on things that matter most. Their technology reduces “false alarms” and allows you to monitor your family & pets from anywhere in the world.

Setting up the camera is easy, just plug it in and follow the prompts in the Blurams app. You can also choose to save recordings locally on a microSD card.

Safety & Security

A blurams camera comes with cloud storage, which allows you to view a full day of video and not worry about it eating into your local storage space. It also includes a feature that detects people and sounds an alarm to keep them away from areas of your home you want to protect like doors, windows or cribs.

One of the best things about a blurams camera is how easy it is to set up. You just plug it in, scan a QR code on the camera to link your phone to the app, and you’re ready to start watching.

As Blurams expanded globally, its cloud and data consumption climbed, putting a strain on its resources. By switching to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the company was able to reduce costs and improve performance, which helped them meet regulatory and compliance requirements across global markets. This, in turn, allowed them to drive high-quality growth. The result is a more secure, robust business.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of peace of mind is that you become more efficient at handling your daily affairs. You will be less likely to get distracted by people, events or other problems, and you can focus on mental and physical activities more easily.

The Blurams Dome Lite 2 can recognize faces, which is a useful feature for parents or businesses who want to monitor their employees. It can also be used to automatically turn on the lights, make coffee, and more based on who it detects.

One of the founders of Blurams started the company because he found it difficult to stay in touch with his elderly parents, and wished that he could be instantly notified when something happened at their house. This led him to produce inconspicuous, attentive, and communicative security cameras. They are easy to set up and use, and offer free storage. You can also access your video history through a web portal.


As a smart home security company, Blurams is all about helping you feel comfortable no matter where you are. The company’s products can connect you to your family, fur babies and home when you are away from them or in the office. You can watch live streaming video of your house and pets through their smart security cameras.

For example, the indoor Blurams Home Pro camera is equipped with a facial recognition feature that can help you see who’s around. When the camera detects motion, it will record a short alert video. These videos can be saved to the cloud (with a subscription) or to an SD card.

The camera also offers a night vision mode that can help you keep track of things in the dark. Its high-quality 3MP images offer a clear view in the dark and are recorded in color. A motion sensor and sound alarm are available for additional protection. The outdoor model comes with a siren and flashing strobe light for added security.


Whether you’re at home, work, on vacation or out of town, you can stay connected to your family, home and furry friends. This smart indoor security camera comes with free lifetime cloud recording and the ability to save a clip or a notification when motion is detected.

It is compatible with smart displays, Google Assistant devices and Amazon Alexa so you can use voice control if you prefer. You can also access the Blurams app from your smartphone to check out a live stream or customize settings.

Setting up the device is a breeze. All you need to do is power it up, connect to your WiFi network (2.4GHz only) and open the app. Follow the instructions on your screen to enter your WiFi password and scan a QR code to complete setup. You can even create privacy zones that will fuzz out the video/live stream for that area and filter out activity by person if you want to avoid unnecessary recordings.